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How did I start doing this?

When I was in grade school, I saw an artist on a television talk show who did "junk metal" sculpture. I loved the idea and wanted to try it. So, I took a welding class when in high school and bought my own oxygen-acetylene torch. Later, I saw a candle holder that someone had made from a tin can. I went home and figured out how it was made, and I've been coming up with my own designs ever since.

I do all the designs "free hand" with the torch and I make up the designs as I go. No two pieces are exactly alike. For the "bulge" there is no mechanical press or any mechanical devices involved. After the can is cool, I form the bulge with my fingers, fussing over it till I'm satisfied. These candle holders project my intricate designs onto the table, walls and ceiling of a darkened room.

Jean at Torch